Part of the London Docklands redevelopment providing residential and commercial buildings in the Wood Wharf development zone, one of the main European financial and business districts

Client:    Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd
Contract Value:  £453,000

DAM Structures was contracted to provide detailed design, fabrication, supply and installation of a temporary tie system to restrain the existing ‘secant wall’ during the excavation of new foundations and basement works for the new multi-storey structure.

The restraint was provided via 3 large (1220 mm diameter) tubular sections which acted in tension.  These members were up to 66 metres in length and cantilevered over the wharf water and connected to a capping beam on the wharf wall.

Conventional methods for installation were not possible due to the weight of the members and proximity to the wharf, crane size also needed to be restricted due to the load pressures applied from
the crane on the adjacent wharf wall and the Jubilee Tube line tunnels beneath the site.

DAM developed a bespoke installation method that comprised of much smaller cranes and water based pontoons providing access to all spliced connections and capping beam connections.   A bespoke sleeve was also designed by our in-house designer, which was inserted into the capping beam to allow for tensioning of the Macalloy bars after installation giving the client programme time savings and ensuring the tensioning bars tied in with the rebar installation.