The design, fabrication and installation of two Acoustic Sheds at Kennington Green and Kennington Park, to mitigate noise from tunnelling as part of the London Underground Northern Line Extension. 

Client:    Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke
Contract Value:  £780,000

The buildings were designed to cover the access holes for plant and equipment required for tunnelling as well as the removal of earth and installation of concrete tunnel linings.

DAM’s contract also included the procurement of the acoustic cladding and acoustic doors which were secured through our established supply chain, this unique package has ensured the most cost effective design coordination between the critical parties with no integration issues and compliance with the employers’ requirements, which in turn ensured the noise reductions required for the local tenants.

As the 50te EOT crane was the fundamental element to the scheme we were able to take the KONE crane drawing and then develop a building around it whilst still maintain the tight site boundary’s and the position of the building and crane in relationship to the piled access hole.

The overall building height was set by the clear hook requirements as well as the minimum clearance above the crane thus minimising the impact to the surrounding area, rails were designed as single span to reduce the overall width and length of the building but still ensuring the most cost effective installation of the acoustic cladding. The column positions were also positioned to minimise the impact on the piles and capping beam to the access tunnel.

Erection has been phased to integrate the cladding installation as well as leaving the end bay of the roof open to allow the installation of the crane before infilling with purlins and then cladding.

This ‘one stop shop’ approach has allowed the contractor to procure the major elements of the structure on a shorter procurement period than traditionally achieved as all the necessary interfaces have already been put in place. The same principal applies on site during installation as all parties are fully engaged with each other the process flows from one stage to the next seamlessly.

BIM model steelwork